Why joining Rahasia Nyaman MasterClasses

The mission and philosophy of Rahasia Nyaman is to ensure a positive learning environment where individuals are involved in a high quality education encompassing all aspects of massage and reflexology, from the basic theory and practice to energetic characteristics of the human being and healing power of touch.

Master classes and workshops can be given both in English and in French.


The selective core training received at Rahasia Nyaman Institute will prepare Massage Therapists and Reflexologists to be an effective and knowledgeable, competent in the fundamentals of techniques, function of the various body systems relating to Massage Therapy,  and to be fully aware of their Healing powers of Touch.

Evolutive Foot Reflexology Level 1

Evolutive Foot Reflexology is based on Ingham method of reflexology based on the study of the zone therapy.

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Evolutive Foot Reflexology Level 2

In this 5 day MasterClass you will go deeper into the study of the reflex points. This class emphasises on an examination of the reflex points.

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Asian Foot Reflexology

In this MasterClass, you will learn how to provide a Foot Reflexology that emphasises on massaging both the feet, lower legs as well as a general stimulation of the reflex points, using a wooden stick.

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Aromatherapy applied to Foot Reflexology

This Whorshop deals with the therapeutic and energetic use of essential oils that the reflexologist can incorporate into his work to give its touch a greater impact.

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Gemstones Foot Reflexology

This 2 day Gemstones Reflexology Workshop will give you insights on a creative, energetic approach of foot reflexology paired to the energy of crystal wands.

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Baby Foot Reflexology

Develop your relationship with your baby through Foot Reflexology, for a happier, healthier and more confident baby. Suitable for babies under 12 months.

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1 month Foot Reflexology Certification

This Certified Foot Reflexology course is a hands-on theory and practical training program in Foot Reflexology. Upon completion of the 100 hours in class study and self paced practical case studies you can apply to become certified as a Rahasia Nyaman reflexologist.

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“Having an open mind is not to have it open to all nonsense.”  At 16, I adopted this motto from Jean Rostand, writer, moralist, biologist, historian of sciences and French academia.

And I have to say that keeping his words in mind have helped me to keep a cool and wise attitude on numerous occasions. Here’s my story.

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