All our tutors are passionate and experienced about their training subject and they offer high standards to make sure you, the student, get an excellent and complete course. We don't have a high turnover of tutors in order to create an effective teamwork at the school.


Designation: co-founder - GM

My name is Nathalie Richalet and I am the co-founder and director of WIGUNA spa school. I have always been fascinated in Holistic Therapies. Deciding to become a Professional Reflexologist was the best career decision and life style change I could have made 17 years ago. Choosing this path has enabled me to travel worldwide, with the strong desire of an ongoing education and to share my passion in a holistic approach of life and massage.


Designation: Tutor - Sr Therapist

I had a varied career and experience of working in the spa industry in Bali and overseas for nearly 15 years. I have been consecutively therapist and tutor. As my experience grew I became more and more interested about what I was doing and as I became passionate about sharing my knowledge. I love teaching at WIGUNA because the classes are small which means that I can really give personal tuition to students.


Designation: Tutor - Sr Therapist

In 2000 I began building my practice and experience working as a spa therapist in Bali for a couple of years. I then decided to work oversea, in Turkey and Sri Lanka for nearly 8 years. Since I joined WIGUNA it has been a great pleasure meeting the other tutors who are like minded, dedicated and committed to enhancing the lives of all who come in to contact with them.

Popular Procedures

Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage is part of Balinese Traditional Healing. The existences of Balinese massage has been known and practiced since hundreds years ago and it’s mentioned on well preserved ancient Balinese manuscripts....

Balinese Boreh

The Balinese Boreh is a traditional herbal scrub used at the end of a hard working day to relieve muscle aches, increase blood circulation and create relaxation...

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