Foot Reading paired with a Reflexoloy session

Unwind, relax and recharge with a Foot Reading consultation followed by a health boosting 30 minutes Foot Reflexology treatment.

Let me read your feet as I can translate your physical signs and symptoms so you can understand what your body is trying to tell you.

And receive step by step advices on how to shift and leave recharged and empowered.

Foot Reading report

In addition to a live or online consultation, I can send you by email a written report based on my findings and pictures of your feet.

Or, independently from a consultation, send me pictures of your feet and you will receive by email, in the form of a pdf, a comprehensive Foot Reading report based on the reflexes and markers of your feet.

Seemingly "random" bumps, bruises and/or conditions on the feet are very significant and will be assessed to shed light on the physical and mental/emotional road blocks that are keeping you from moving forward.

Sole to Soul

Let me taking you into a deep state of relaxation by receiving a 30 minutes Evolutive Foot Reflexology and I will access your inner-being to guide you and encourage you to act positively towards your realisation on your path to happiness.


Your feet represent you in your entirety.

  • Powerful bodywork paired with an Evolutive Foot Reflexology.
  • Intuitive soul reading.
  • Cleansing of trapped emotions and beliefs.
  • Professional coaching/mentoring.


Absolutely! Sometimes toes and feet can change during a session. They hold energy in them, just like the rest of the body. Their shape, direction, flexibility may change as a person's life does.

It is very common for people to experience emotions during a foot reading session because they acknowledge their story in their very soul.

Dozens of newspaper and magazine articles have been published about Foot Reading (Solestry). And the response to sessions has always been a rich and positive experience.

A Foot Reading session may be received alone. No need to receive a Foot Reflexoly first.

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