Colour Reflexology

The use of colour light vibrations enhance benefits of reflexology treatments. Reflexology and Colour Therapy have their roots in the distant past. As individuals therapiesthey have tremendous therapeutic values. When used in conjunction with each other they have shown their ability to both complement each other and accentuate the healing process.

When treating a person with the combination of these two therapies, I initially carry out a complete reflexology treatment. It will enable me to locate where problems or potential problems lie. Having completed this, the general colours with their complementary colours are applied to the areas where a blockage has been located but which has produced no noticeable symptoms in the physical body. Administering the general colour, with its complementary colour, to the related reflex, will help to re-balance its altered function.

The treatment colours, with their complementary colours are then applied to the zones on the feet which relate to the part of the body which has manifested problems. When selecting colours for specific ailments.

Having treated the reflexes related to the physical symptoms, the chakras situated along the spinal reflex on the feet or hands, are balanced with their dominant colour before the overall colour, relating to the cause is administered through both feet.


  • Addresses the physical symtoms of an ailment and also its non-physical origin.
  • Balances the chakras in the body.
  • Helps meditation and relaxation.
  • Eliminates emotional blockages before they manifest as mental or physical illnesses.


Absolutely! Colour therapy is a totally holistic and non-invasive therapy. It can be used for children, adults and eldery alike.

It should be part of our everyday life, not just something we experience for an hour or two with your therapist.

One evidence of the way light can affect us, among others, is a mild form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which causes many people suffering during winters. Ingrid Collins, a consultant psychologist is convinced that chromatherapy can effect our energy levels. "We know that the cells of the human body are constructed from atoms and that each atom consists of particles of energy in constant motion," she says. "We are therefore at the most fundamental level made of energy and information, so when we add a particular colour we are adding energy into our lives."

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