Foot Reflexologist, Healer and Instructor

In 1992, I completed a Master Degrees in Art History in France and worked as a freelance graphic designer for the next 8 years ending up my career in New York.

Awareness has risen over the day after when I asked the lady who gave me my first Thai foot reflexology if I could try to do it on her. She agreed and at that moment I made the decision to become a reflexologist.

Moving to Arizona, away from the stress of New York, I began to teach myself foot reflexology and encountered Amerindian shamans. Through them, I began to feel that I was truly a ‘medicine woman’ and so began my journey towards self acceptance.

In 2001, I was back in France and enrolled in a one year training foot reflexology course. Since that time, I have kept on learning and developing new holistic therapies in the quest for optimal health and wellness. At that time, I practiced shiatsu, aromatherapy, massage, color puncture, reflexologies and ito-thermie. I also became a Reiki Ryoko Master, Shihan (4th degree) enabling me to pass attunements on to others.

After a few years of practice, I realized that people not only wanted to feel relaxed and have tension release but were searching to find the energy and space within them to make changes towards a better way of living. I started to integrate more spiritual and esoteric approaches to my healing, tailoring sessions to each individual-taking into consideration their deeper needs.

On an unexpected trip to Bali end of 2011, I realized IT was my soul’s destiny. I returned a few month later to open my first massage school. And after my business partnership dissolved, I started my own Institute of Healing Arts, Rahasia Nyaman – Secret of Comfort.



Years of Foot Reflexolgy


Years of training


Different Nationalities trained


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My Approach

It took me decades to understand that being a healer was not like being a ‘wizard’, using some kind of magic to do incredible, demonstrative things for people

Healing can be as simple and smooth as finding the right way to feel and talk to people without harming them with any kind of dogm

. With a genuine heart and free soul, I’m happy to share my knowledge, experience and passion with others. I would like my students to understand that, by learning massage and foot reflexology, they will not only help others to heal both physically and emotionally but they will also heal themselves.

They will awaken others to their spirituality which, for me, is freedom. When students leave my courses, my hope is that they are empowered by who they are and have the courage to act positively.